Is Black Adam a recurring villain in DC Comics and will be defeated by another superhero, especially in the Justice League and the Shazam family?

In Black Adamin Theater leading the DC Extended Universe into an unknown future, all eyes are on the mercurial antihero. As we all know, as the head of Shazam, Black Adam Defeated came into his own during DC’s crossover event 52. In this event, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman left, DC released one comic a week for one year, focusing on the remaining heroes this holiday season. One of them is Black Adam.

This gives the villain a chance to show a different side. He eventually became sympathetic, but was more deadly than ever, even starting World War III. He also took down several heroes and villains during the event, which was just one of the many times Black Adam took down some of the DC heroes and villains.

The-ton Of Black Adam Defeated

The most powerful DC Comics character Black Adam defeated after a thousand years as the protector of Egypt is Ahk-Ton. This is an evil ruler who derives his power from Ra’s Orb, making him a prime mover. The-Ton ruled Egypt but made the mistake of attacking Kahndaq.

After he destroys Black Adam’s village and kills his family, Adam vows revenge. Although he needed the help of time travelers, including Hawkman and Shazam, he eventually captured Acton and killed him in a fit of rage.


Little is known about Brutus, although he did appear on The CW’s Naomi. However, in DC Comics, he appears and wants to abolish the Justice League. In his first appearance, he met Black Adam in Karnak.

The Justice League comes to help, but they realize that Adam doesn’t need help. To protect his country, Black Adam defeats Brutus, causing the aliens to escape through the portal. This fight is about Superman’s invitation to Black Adam to join the Justice League.

Mongol II And Black Adam Defeated Together

In fact, Black Adam was a perfect member of the Sinestro Legion for some time in his life. This is thanks to his friendship with Sinestro himself. At one point, Sinestro needed help in his battle with Paling because he fought them first, so he came to Adam for help.

During this war, the Palins invaded Earth and brought Mongol II. Mongol II is stronger than ever, thanks to the red priest adding to his strength. It still wasn’t enough for the yellow ring-wearing Black Adam to use their combined powers to take down the champion with the help of St Walker.


Black Adam is nothing less than asking for help, or helping when someone asks nicely. When Ultraman and his villains attack Earth and Eternity, it takes some bad guys to defeat them. For those who don’t know, Ultraman is the evil version of Superman on Earth 3, with all his powers and no morals.

When Ultraman and Black Adam first met, he was beaten by various Supermans, crushing his jaw with his hand. However, Black Adam was eventually defeated when he teamed up with Sinestro. He interestingly does this by removing the moon from a forced eclipse, Ultraman’s main weakness that helps bring down the entire criminal organization.


In the 52-story arc, Black Adam turns a new page. He married Adriana Thomas and gave her the power of Isis. He also rescued his brother Amon and gave him the power of Osiris. However, it came to an end when Osiris befriended a talking crocodile named Sobek.

Sobek is actually Yard (Death), one of the four horsemen of Apokolips. He created a famine, killed Isis, and killed Osiris in cold blood. Adam angrily attacked Sobek, tearing out both of his jaws, and killing the legendary creature instantly.


Black Adam’s thirst for revenge caused him to tear apart the other Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but he fought his hardest when he came upon Azraeus, the god of death. When he ruled over him in the city of Villari, the two fought fiercely.

Black Adam killed every man, woman, and child in this country in his anger. Because of the carnage, death became strong and seemed ready to defeat Adam. However, even the god of death, with all his power, had no chance to defeat Black Adam.

Young Frankenstein

During World War III, the Teen Titans appear to fight Black Adam. He had already defeated the Doom Patrol and destroyed ten Chinese. Beast Boy and Raven lead the Titans against Black Adam, and after defeating Hawk and Dove, young Frankenstein attacks him.

This made Black Adam feel a little sorry and he tore the young hero apart, knocked him out of battle, and let him live. However, Beast Boy ignores Raven’s pleas and continues to charge her. This finally angered Black Adam, he punched him and killed him.