Effective communication will remain a crucial area in every organization. It brings team members closer to each other. Also, businesses can easily solve high-level matters that can get risky if not solved on time. Well, communication is key to achieving success. 

No matter what the size of your business is, effective communication will remain integral. Even during the peak of a global pandemic, several businesses suffered from a lack of cohesiveness. Also, cooperation and coordination were also missing, which caused several issues. When working from home, team members often complained about the miscommunication and thus, the transition affected businesses to the core. 

A research study by Pew Research confirms that 59% of employees in the United States are working remotely. However, 61% of employees have chosen the type of job themselves rather than by necessity. 

With more organizations providing team members an opportunity to work remotely, they require effective yet user-friendly top communication tools to make the work go smoothly. It gets complicated to choose which tool can work for a large team. Also, productivity and robustness are some of the other factors that organizations tend to look for in the tools. 

So, are you also looking for some top communication tools to help your business work productively? Well, you need to stick here for some time because there is so much to learn about. Let’s explore the most competitive communication tools that top businesses are using today. 

Top Communication Tools That Every Business Can Use 

1. Range 

The range is one of the best tools for building effective communication with your team. It helps in freeing up time while eliminating unnecessary meetings with a balance of real-time collaboration and check-ins. 

The tool is amazing in the sense that it provides uninterrupted connectivity for people and not just employees. Also, Range builds habits that keep the team engaged and effective. You can easily connect all other tools in one place of an existing workplace using the tool. With the benefit of such connectivity, one can easily access all the information and updates across the team. 

If you are providing remote and hybrid opportunities to your employees, Range is the best tool for building effective communication. It provides a platform where productive meetings can always happen. On the other hand, teams can simply face a reduction in the meeting load. With this approach, every team member will be informed and can share work plans too. 

2. Asana 

There are tons of other tools that support managing projects with effective team collaboration and communication. Asana is one of the top communication tools that your organization needs. It is a customizable platform, which is worth installing in the business. It is widely used across the world. Several businesses opt for the tool because it offers effective collaboration support and seemingly interesting integrations. It ensures flexibility that no other platform offers. 

Even if your organization needs to track day-to-day tasks, Asana is there to help you out. Coordination becomes easier and hassle-free. All team members can actively participate in the communication while the tasks can be achieved without any delay. 

3. Trello 

Trello is again a life-saver for businesses like yours. Now you don’t have to compromise on collaboration. The tool is amazing for using the Kanban method which tracks tasks, updates the progress, and shows which task is completed. 

Not only this, but the tool is really what you need for task management. Your organization will experience an optimized concept of completing every task on time. 

Your teams can create custom boards on Trello. It organizes tasks and workflows for you. Also, managers can use the tool to assign various tasks to the team members that need to be completed on specific dates. Unlike several other tools, Trello doesn’t try to fit into all project management areas. However, it mainly focuses on providing Kanban boards and effective collaboration to the teams. 

4. ProofHub 

Is your organization more focused on strengthening employee communication? Well, there is a tool for you. ProofHub is one of the top communication tools that is heavier on providing effective employee communication support. You must consider integrating the tool into the business because it is worth spending some bucks. 

Even it supports workflow management that helps teams to track individual tasks and projects in real time. Just like other apps, ProofHub allows teams to create projects, assign team members to different tasks, and set deadlines. It implements accurate project management practices, which every business requires to complete the job. 

The tool sets itself apart in terms of built-in team communication channels. You can access the discussions feature, which is one of a kind and allows team members to communicate about any projects in a forum or discussion setting. On the other hand, you can also find an in-app chat box that improves real-time communication when required.

5. Airtable 

Often, team members get frustrated by MS Office’s or Google’s limitations. If your team is also facing the same situation, it is time to install Airtable. It provides a cutting-edge database, which is far better and more versatile than a traditional spreadsheet. It comes with different steps in which the user can perform customization and collaboration according to their needs. 

You can also find plenty of useful templates that make the user experience thoughtful. The tool is quick to set up and can link to social media calendars. You can even track the database using grant trackers. Unlike Microsoft Excel and other platforms, the tool offers a number of internal communication tools, which aid in improving functionality while increasing team members’ speed too. 

6. Google Workspace 

Have you ever experienced the amazing features of a cloud-based collaboration tool? Google Workspace is something incredible for any business today. It is certainly one of its kind tool, which stands apart from all the other tools. 

Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, comes with a suite of apps that have different capabilities like word processing, database and spreadsheet creation, and even designing profound presentations too. Well, you can do much more with just one installation.

Not only this, but the tool offers several collaboration and coordination functions too, which allows team members to stay on the same page even if they are working remotely. On the other hand, you can also add comments in the document so that your team members can easily track changes to be made. There are some additional features as well, which make the tool competitive and promising. These include video chats for online meetings and voice calling. 

Final Thoughts 

There is a solution to every problem. No matter how deep you dig, you will always find a better tool to meet your needs. Similarly, communication is no more a stress until you get your hands on the best communication tool. Your business should not suffer from any losses or insufficiency because there are tools that can help enhance your business’s productivity. So, take a look at these amazing tools, which can be a game-changer for your company. Make sure you are letting your employees use an effective tool, which offers a great deal of solutions to every problem. Make your business work the right way by providing your employees with effective solutions.