16 Entertainment Ideas For Kids

1. DJ Karaoke

It can be said that children of all ages love to sing karaoke! Find a DJ who specializes in karaoke nights so guests can sing along to all their favorite songs! From “Let It Go” to “Baby Shark”, karaoke DJs will be able to play anything and provide the ultimate karaoke party equipment.

2. Movie Night

Prepare popcorn and candy for the ultimate movie marathon! Set up one big screen to play all your kid’s favorite movies and invite pajama guests over to feel cozy as they watch together.

Pro tip:

Weather permitting, rent an outdoor movie screen for a one-of-a-kind movie night that the kids will love. 

3. Masquerade Characters

Invite a special guest to surprise everyone at the party when you reserve a character wearing a costume. Does your child have a favorite superhero, princess, or TV series character? Find that perfect make-up character and get ready for memories (and photos) you’ll never forget.

Pro tip:

You can also book a princess party or puppet show if that’s the pace of that kid’s birthday party.

4. Pizza night

Pizza is the #1 food for kids (teens and maybe adults), so pizza parties are the perfect way to organize any kid’s party! Instead of ordering takeout from your favorite pizzeria, this time change things up by making your own! Kids will love making their own pizza that they can enjoy later. A pizza night is always a good idea for the older kids!

5. Animals for the party

If you’re having a zoo or jungle theme, party animals are a must for kids’ party entertainment! Find trusted pet handlers who are adept at ensuring clients can safely meet different animals. Add all of your kid’s favorite creatures and creatures to the guest list with everything from kangaroos to llamas.

6. Balloon tornado

No matter how old you are, are you always excited about a balloon animal made just for you? This party classic is sure to keep kids engaged throughout the celebration and makes for fun takeout party entertainment. Whether your kid wants a balloon dog or a heroic sword, a talented hot air balloon whirlwind can make it all.

7. Treasure hunt

Board games are always a good idea! Get everyone moving in the party with an exciting scavenger hunt. Guests can test their detective skills and track down clues to find the necessary items. Hide a big prize at the end to build even more predictions.

8. Clown

Oldie but goodie – you can never go wrong with a happy smiling clown at a party! Get ready for water spray flowers and endless handkerchief tricks that will make the kids laugh.

9. Face painter

One of the most fun parts of attending a carnival or carnival is definitely getting your makeup done. Bring excitement and magic to your kid’s party with a professional makeup artist. Who can’t wait to transform into their favorite animal or character? 

10. Evening picky groom

Who doesn’t love to be pampered? Little guests might enjoy getting their nails done, getting a facial, and even participating in a DIY project. Check out this DIY unicorn lip gloss from Kimspired as a fun party activity kid.

11. Photographic Chamber

The photos from the photo booth are memories that will last forever! Kids can dress up in a silly outfits, grab some props, have fun with friends, then take photos home to hang. This is not only an interesting souvenir for children but also for parents!

12. Cartoonist

Make your guests feel extra special at the party with a personalized cartoon to take home. As one of the most popular kids’ party entertainment ideas, everyone will want to be front and center for their own. These can also serve as a pro-party!

13. Field Day

For kids who want to get up and move, there’s no better way to keep them entertained than playing their favorite sports. Organize volleyball, soccer, soccer, whatever they want, so they can play their favorite games with friends all day. The ideas for a fun day out are truly endless.

14. Magician

Most kids’ parties feature magicians, but you can make your next party stand out from the crowd with a talented magician. Enhance the magic at a celebration in a unique way with The Illusionist’s tricks, readings, and technology that will wow everyone. The magician is also a good party idea for older kids.

15. Food Basket

Currently, food carts are not only completely trendy but also eliminate food waste. Children can visit the different strollers as many times as they like and try a little of each. Choose strollers that feature kid favorites like ice cream and pizza, or something unique like mini donuts and pancakes.

16. Balloon War

Perfect for a hot summer day at a pool party, the kids are sure to enjoy the friendly water polo battle! Worried about cleaning up afterward? We have what you need. Amazon offers biodegradable water balloons for you and your kids to enjoy.