Toddlers (and others who may be afraid of the dark) aren’t the only ones who enjoy using the best night lights available. Anyone who needs to find their way around the house in the middle of the night – thirsty people, pet owners, parents, latecomers, insomniacs, and more. – would be happy to find a really navigable dark hallway with the soft glow of a nightlight. And bright home decor can literally make sleep an all-around dreamy experience. Even better to say that beautiful lighting during the day is often the hardest part of the night light puzzle. One might choose a flat, harmless plug that almost disappears on a white wall until the lights go out. But why not use a small night light as decoration?

We have compiled super cute night lights with lots of cool features, such as changing colors or adjusting brightness. Some of them will also work well as decorations in your hallway or living room, and many of them will make the ultimate party gift. The LEDs even work to provide ambient light in an eco-friendly way through energy-efficient bulbs. Whether it’s a nightlight projector that can transform your ceiling into a stunning starry sky or a more traditional battery-powered option, we’ve put together a collection of night lights that really shine. Many of them will even arrive in two days thanks to Amazon delivery.

  1. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Besides creating ~mood~, Himalayan salt lamps are said to do a lot of things like improving your skin or reducing your allergies, but we can’t guarantee anything about the version. minimal However, we were convinced by its small size and warm, soft light.

  1. Deep Seashell Night Light

Our love for the scalloped decor doesn’t fade with time, nor does the ambient light provided by this single-socket scalloped night light.

  1. Mushroom-Shaped Energy-Saving Sensor LED Night Light With Plug

Very magical and barely spooky, this luminescent mushroom brings a bit of inner magic to your home.

  1. LadyBug Night Light

Try not to smile as you look at this pink ladybug night light. Come on, we’re waiting. Portable LED Light Carrier

Attach a large lantern-shaped handle and this portable LED light can be easily moved from room to room (or surface to surface).

  1. Wired LED Dewdrop Lights

Thread these tiny LED lights around a door and it will instantly transform into a magical passageway instead.

  1. Northern Lamp Projector

More than just a night light for kids, this star projector offers everything from twinkling stars to stunning aurora borealis. It’s also a good way to avoid any worries you’re battling while trying to fall asleep. It has an LED night light and comes with a remote control. The projector lamp can also be adjusted to emit a brighter light or a softer, more pleasant light. amethyst lamp

A single LED bulb provides all the ambient light you need when filtered through this amethyst stone. Bonus points for looking as appealing during the day as a desk lamp.

  1. Miffy Floor Lamp

Meet Miffy, the pop culture icon designed by artist Dick Bruna. Miffy is a 20-inch tall night light. Need us to say more? If you like Miffy but the nearly 2-foot version seems overkill, you can try the slightly smaller plug-in version. Rainbow Neon Wall Decoration. Neon signs can also be night lights!

  1. Lumio Reading Lamp

A MoMA Design Store bestseller, the Lumio Reading Light “lights up” when opened (like a book) and can be laid flat or tilted.

  1. Akari 1 Women

A modern interpretation of Japanese lanterns, the Akari table lamp features two different fun silhouettes and emits a perfectly dim glow.