From glittering conifers to the sparkling flowers of midnight, From the aroma of rum to greetings with a kiss!

About the smiles that gifts bring to those we really miss, This is a favorite time of year, feeling nothing more than pure happiness!

You’re absolutely right! New Year has come and festivals are fast approaching. And when it comes to major holidays, all we can think of is where would be the best place to spend Christmas and new year in Europe?

Here are some of the best European Christmas getaways you’ve always been looking for. Every town and village is colorful and full of light at this time of year. 

The Christmas villages, Santa Claus, and the ever-glamorous celebration of this carnival are one of the biggest.

The Best Places To Celebrate Christmas In Europe

Brussels, Belgium:

Looking for some of the best gifts for your family and friends? Visit one of the largest Christmas markets in Brussels inside Place Flagey. 

Shop some of the best handicrafts as souvenirs from artisans from France, Hungary, Germany, and more. Experiences not to be missed:

December temperature: Average 5°C

How to achieve:

Located at a distance of 55 km, Brussels Charleroi Airport is the nearest runway while the Brussels Northern Train Station is easily accessible due to its central location.

Spoken language: France, Flemish

Famous cuisine or dishes: fried mussels

Amsterdam, Netherlands:

The Netherlands is the best country to celebrate Christmas in Europe if you are not like other European countries, the celebrations in Amsterdam started a month ago in November. 

The main gathering place of Quang The Museum campus turns into a magical Christmas village where one can make the most of some of the most amazing Christmas markets. 

Experiences not to be missed:

Attend the Amsterdam Festival of Lights, enjoy a special canal cruise, join the Amsterdam Winter Parade at the RAI Congress Center Amsterdam, experience the second day of Christmas or Gift Day in Amsterdam, etc.

December temperature: Average 4°C

How to achieve:

Schiphol Airport is the nearest airport just 18 km away, while Amsterdam Central Station is the closest to the city center.

Spoken language: Dutch, English

Famous cuisine or dishes: Zebra

Salzburg, Austria:

Regarded as one of the oldest Christmas markets not only in Europe but also worldwide, the Salzburg Christkindlmarkt is known for being rooted in centuries of cultural values ​​and traditions

Experiences not to be missed:

Drinking Glühwein and eating Lebkuchen is a must, as skiing in the Alps, shopping at Salzburg’s famous Christmas markets, attending the Perchtenlauf Alpine Heritage event, learning about the history of Silent Night, and more again.

December temperature: Average 1°C

How to achieve:

Linz Airport is the closest airport to Salzburg, located at a distance of about 101 km. The nearest train station is Central Station, just 15 minutes from the city center.

Spoken language: German, English

Famous cuisine or dishes: Salzburger Nocker

Copenhagen, Denmark:

A true Christmas city in every sense, Copenhagen follows some of the best traditions when it comes to celebrating in one of the best places to celebrate the new year in Europe. 

The whole city is covered with lights and one can always come across huge Christmas markets on every corner of the city

Experiences not to be missed:

Stroll through the magnificent Tivoli Gardens, enjoy mulled wine at the exclusive Hotel d’Angleterre, skate at Frederiksberg Have, dine at one of the Christmas tables at Royal Copenhagen, and more.

December temperature: Average 2°C

How to achieve:

The nearest airport is Kastrup Airport, just 8 km away, while the nearest train station is Copenhagen Central Station, 15 minutes from the city center.

Spoken language: Danish, English

Famous cuisine or dishes: Durum wheat shawarma

Leipzig, Germany:

Considered the second oldest but one of the most beautiful markets in Europe, Leipzig is also one of the continent’s lesser-known destinations. 

Serving superbly and as one of the best places to spend Christmas in Europe, Leipzig has yet to be discovered to its full potential.

Experiences not to be missed:

Explore downtown Zentrum, take part in the endless parades and music scene, attend the arts and crafts market in Old Leipzig, ride the Ferris wheel on Augustusplatz, cross-country skiing, and more.

December temperature: Average 2°C

How to achieve:

Leipzig/Halle Airport is the closest runway located about 22 km from the city center, while the nearest train station in Leipzig serves as a central point for commuting within the city.

Spoken language: German, Leipzig Sächsisch (dialect)

Famous cuisine or dishes: Leipziger Allerlei

Vienna, Austria:

From the evening skies in Belvedere to the streets of Graben and Kärntner Strasse, every corner of Vienna looks magical during Christmas in Europe. 

Needless to say, Christmas markets in Europe thrive, but those who are lucky enough to come to Vienna at Christmas, must definitely explore the most spectacular and beautiful Christmas markets in Europe and walk the city at night.

Experiences not to be missed:

Capture the Belvedere Palace in perfect light, enjoy delicious food served in the most creative form, devour a Christmas punch called Weihnachtspunsch, take a hop-on-hop bus tour- off in the evening, see the nativity play at the church of Saint-Pierre et Suite.

December temperature: Average 3°C

How to achieve:

Located at a distance of 23 km, Vienna International Airport is the nearest airport, while Vienna Central Station enjoys a central location in the city. 

Spoken language: German

Famous cuisine or dishes: Schnitzel Vienna