Even when visiting countries known the world over as cheap travel destinations, you should always plan and learn as much as you can about the costs associated with the trip, or you will see that your money is disappearing much faster than this. imagine! Many travelers write about how cheap it is to travel to Thailand, but there’s still a lot you need to know before visiting. There are many tourist traps, tourist scams, tips, and tricks for traveling to Thailand on a budget that you should know. If you are planning to visit Thailand soon and want to make the most of your money, keep reading.

  • Accommodation for one person 1,018 ($32)

  • Accommodation for two people 2,035 ($65)

  • Food Three meals a day ฿958 ($31)

  • Water for a day ฿51 ($1.65)

  • Estimate weekly local transportation costs for local buses, metro, tuk-tuk, etc. ฿375 ($12)

  • Entertainment, events, etc. ฿543 ($18)

  • Tips and Materials for a Day ฿105 ($3.50)

  • Intercity transportation average city-to-city transportation 966 ($31)

  • Scams, Tourist Traps and Risks ฿1,070 ($34.50)

  • Daily alcohol budget ฿220 ($7-8)

  • ฿220 ($7-8) Millions of people visit Thailand annually for various purposes.

Cheap Accommodation in Thailand

A great way to save money on accommodation in Thailand is to stay in a hostel. Choosing a hostel over a hotel isn’t just for backpacking college students across the country. Not only are they a cheaper, no-frills alternative (most hostels charge less than $3 a night), but they help give your travels a more authentic feel. When you stay in a hostel, what you give up on amenities is multiplied by the opportunity to meet new people and effectively immerse yourself in Thai culture. While a hostel might not be as relaxing, it serves its purpose by allowing you to focus your energy to make the most of your trip.

How About Camping?

If you read some of my other articles on budget travel, you will know that I always encourage people to go camping when traveling abroad. However, to be honest, camping in Thailand is not advisable. Firstly, Thailand has a high population density and there are not many good camping spots. Available campsites often charge camping fees sometimes even more expensive than the hotel and end up with a lot of mosquitoes around. If we add camping gear to the mix, you’ll find that camping costs won’t be viable most of the time.

Find the Cheapest Accommodation When Travel to Thailand

Even if camping isn’t an option, there are other ways to save money on accommodation in Thailand. Couchsurfing is, of course, one way to do it, but in this section, I want to discuss an option that few bloggers recommend; reside in monasteries. Thailand has hundreds of monasteries and temples spread across the country and most are open to visitors. You don’t have to be a Buddhist to stay at a Thai monastery, and you can be provided with free accommodation and food, as long as you follow the rules of the monastery and can help with some household chores.

Transportation in Thailand

Thailand has an excellent tourist infrastructure and many excursions can take you around the country. While this is a very convenient way to explore most of Thailand, costs can add up pretty quickly. The first rule of thumb when arranging your transportation in Thailand is to “never reserve anything”. Do not use agents or intermediaries, but book tickets yourself at the bus station/station. The cheapest way to get around Thailand is by train, but not all cities in Thailand have railways. Buses, on the other hand, are a bit more expensive but serve every corner of Thailand. A 12-hour third-class rail trip on a train costs between $6 and $8, while a ride the same distance by bus costs $8 to $22, depending on the type of bus that you take. 

Thai Train

If you want to travel in your vehicle, you can always rent a car. Of course, it gives you more flexibility, but if you ask me, that is not possible if you travel to Thailand on a budget; There are plenty of buses and trains that can get you almost anywhere for a fraction of the price. If you travel light, you can always rent a bicycle; it is probably the cheapest shipping option in Thailand. However, if you decide to do so, be VERY careful, always wear a helmet, and make sure that the bike you rent is prepared for the duration of the ride. Renting a bike in Thailand is extremely easy and that’s one of the reasons why there are so many bike accidents on the road.

Cheap Food When You Travel to Thailand

I can’t understand people coming to Thailand on all packages. I have visited Thailand many times and with many different budgets, but regardless of my pocket, street food has always been my favorite choice. I learned (the hard way) that Western restaurants and continental cuisine are often expensive and not as tasty as one might think. It is not surprising that most of the ingredients used to make these dishes are imported.