Some of the bathroom ideas suggestions are given below:

Use Glossy Paint To Reflect Light And Amplify Space

The bright, narrow resize bathroom is accented by a sheepskin rug and bamboo shutters.

Extend The Bathroom Tile Into The Shower

Bathroom renovation with a gray tile mosaic. Sink, shower, and skylight. Seamless lines give the space more depth. The effect is an uninterrupted surface that makes the entire room appear larger.

Choose A Patterned Floor

Believe it or not, this resized bathroom has no windows. The tall mirror medicine cabinet and glass shower cubicle amplify the light from the furniture inside, illuminating the space. Herringbone wood floors create the illusion of a larger, warmer bathroom.

Install A Shelf In The Shower

Some of the best small bathroom ideas involve creating space for storage, including your soap and bottles. If your resize bathroom is tight on space, you can install the rack in about 20 minutes.

Add A Shower Niche

Another big space saver? A shower niche. If you are designing a small bathroom, be sure to include a shower niche in your plan. 

Use Ledges To Create Space

A narrow ledge running the length of this bathroom is the perfect place to place a mirror, toothbrush and other essentials.

Move Your Towel Rack

In designer Ashley Darryl’s West Village makeup room, a towel rack is attached to one side of the floating sink.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Accessories

Patterned scarves, vintage rugs, and sophisticated lighting also add a touch of personality. “Bathroom lighting and accessories are like jewelry in a room. Use them to bring glamor to the space,” says Los Angeles-based interior designer Sarah Samuel.

Redesign Your Sink

There’s no rule that says you have to have a standard full-size sink. A corner sink does the job well too, plus it gives you more space and less to clean.

Choose Compact Parts

Towering vanities and cubicles may look like home in a larger bathroom, but they can make a small bathroom feel claustrophobic. 

Install compact toilets and sinks or consider floating versions to expand the space. If a bathtub is a must, consider a Japanese bath for an extra dose of serenity that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Use Closed Storage To Stay Organized

Bottles and tubes strewn across the counter are sure to distract you from even the most extravagant bath. Samuel suggests keeping things closed, such as a linen closet or vanity with drawers and doors, for storage. “Show only well-designed products that you love and use most often.”

Organize Your Cupboards

Also, don’t forget what’s inside the cabinet. Divide your cabinets with specific storage locations for tools and toiletries. 

Large baskets keep hair dryers, flat irons, and brushes tangle-free, while smaller trays are great for holding makeup and beauty products.

Curve Some Surfaces

It may not seem like much, but it can make a difference, especially in a small space where real estate matters.

More stylish shelves

Forget all the basics. Choose a sleek shelf that blends in with your decor and gives you extra space (a treasured possession in a small bathroom).

Choose A Wall-Mounted Faucet

Discover small bathroom ideas to transform your vanity room. The wall-mounted faucet is not only a real space saver but also has a sleek, modern look and is easy to clean. vanity room

Using A Bathtub Holder

Whether you own a small bathroom, you can still have a small tub rim. When bathtubs are designed to fit into compact spaces, designers may choose to reduce the width of the sides – and if you don’t have a shower niche or corner shelf, you won’t stand a chance. Solution? A tub tray. Sure, it’s made for relaxing in the bath with a book and a glass of wine, but it also serves as a place to put your toiletries.

Get Creative With Memory

In cramped rooms, any open space is an opportunity. Take over the area under the sink in this tub designed by Carnemark, sized just right for a stack of cleverly rolled towels.

More Towel Ladders

We love this small cottage chic bathroom that’s been created with a ladder. It can hang more towels than one bar and gives the bathroom a unique feel. If you don’t have enough space for a freestanding ladder, choose a ladder designed to sit above the toilet.

Reduce Your Bottle

To be honest, We usually don’t need all those toiletry bottles. Streamlining your grooming products will give you more space, so do Marie Kondo and shrink your shampoo collection.

Or, at the very least, store products you don’t use every day somewhere other than the counter or the side of the tub. By getting rid of all the clutter, your small bathroom will look a lot larger.

Selection Of Personal Hygiene Bottles

You can go a step further and purchase personal hygiene bottles, which come in a variety of designs and sizes. Every design choice matters in a small space, so even this seemingly small upgrade can streamline your surfaces and make everything look neat and tidy.

Install A Skylight

This is one of the most ambitious small bathroom ideas but it will have a big impact. Installing a skylight opens up your entire bathroom and brightens up the space dramatically.