Bearded Crusaders

If you want to get in shape, Crusader Beard is just what you need. This facial hair provides extra protection for your face with a thick undercoat. Full coverage along the jawline and cheeks reveals a unique combination of bushy and bushy beards.

Musketeer Beard

When you wear a musketeer’s beard, you don’t have to dress like a musketeer either. A simple look at your face allows your character to succeed. This beard style for men defines the upper lip and chin is not too difficult to maintain.

Anchor Beard

Boating or not, this adventurous anchor beard style will give every man a great look with his anchor hair. The chin and jawline are defined by a pyramidal mustache or a thin pencil mustache.

Trim the hair around the mouth with a beard trimmer, paying special attention to the chin and mouth area. Now, using the correct trimmer, make a neat contour around the intersection of the chin and neck. Draw the edge of the goatee, 3 inches long on either side of the chin. Now, to define the top of the goatee, create a rectangle connecting the chin and lower lip. 

Chevron Mustache With Soul Patch

This military-style goatee mustache is sharper, slanted, and slightly wider. The Chevron mustache is back in style for men’s mustaches and beards.

Sheep’s Beard

Mutton Chops’ beard style for men looks like a band on your face. It gives an impressive but very famous beard. This is best developed in men with round faces. In addition, men with pointed chins should not have beards like this. It’s good to know that lamb chops should always be cut to avoid looking dirty.

Friendly Lamb

There is a slight difference between the beard style of friendly lamb chops and regular lamb chops. Lamb-friendly ribs always burn on one side, but these burns must extend to the edge of the mouth and must connect to the mustache. Remember that the mustache is the main difference.

To develop friendly lamb chops, let your legs grow to the corners of your mouth while allowing your mustache to grow. Let the two connect with each other. Next, complete the sideburns by drawing a defined imaginary vertical line at each corner of the mouth. 

Zappa’s Beard

This beard style is named after the famous rock and roll guitarist, the late Frank Zappa. The style uses a dark mustache with a thick, soulful array. 

The Zappa beard style is about 2 inches wide and 1 inch long. Moreover, this is also considered as one of the most beautiful Hairstyles on the face.

Klingon Beard

The Klingon beard style is a short, boxy beard, however, it does not have a mustache. Named after a fictional alien race, the Klingon beard is real. Star Trek fan or not, this beard style for men is the type to make your face look fuller.

Bushy Beard

A bushy beard takes a lot of determination and detail to grow straight. However, the hair should be shorter while the lines should be tighter. The end result of this style is a defined personality and a sleek, dramatic look.

Pilot Mustache

The pilot mustache doesn’t need you to fly the plane just to have a mustache that looks like a pilot’s. A few trimming and shaving lines below the mouth and above the chin allow you to have a beard that looks like a pilot’s. This hairstyle is completely maintenance-free.


The goat beard mainly forms the basis for most facial hairstyles. Often associated with a mustache, the goatee was invented from the long hairs on the goat’s chin. However, this type of face design is praised for its blend of length and jawline that enhances the face.

Classic Beard

This stylish beard is perfect for a youthful and bold look. It will give you an energetic and healthy impression. We really love this beard because young and old men will look equally attractive with this beard.

Long Beard With Mustache

One of the most popular beard styles with a mustache. This style should be chosen by those with a healthy beard. If you can grow this mustache, you will definitely get a great beard and mustache combo.

Stylish Short Beard With Mustache

This beard is very stylish and is one of the coolest beards you can find. You will love wearing that beard with this side cut as it will increase the overall blend and make you look stylish and dashing at the same time!

Bald And Rough

If you are bald with an almost round face and want to grow a beard, we recommend you try this! It’s elegant, and bold and will flatter your personality. Perfect for young and old.

Modern Full Beard With Mustache And Patch

If you have pointy hair, it will definitely look very hot. To grow it, your beard will need to be healthy and well-maintained. 

Take care of your beard regularly so it becomes strong and healthy. If not, don’t try this. Middle-aged men will look more attractive than others with this stylish hairstyle. 

Hot Long Beard

Do you have long hair? If so, you can try this beard which will be very suitable for long hair. It’s a masculine style commonly seen in Hollywood actors.