Christmas party ideas From classic games to festive decorations make the most of the holiday season and get everyone in the holiday spirit!

Here are 8 Office Christmas Party Ideas

1. Activities And Treats

With the right mix of activities and treats, your co-workers will talk about the party for weeks. Give them a list of objects, words, or things to look for. You can also ask a team member to play something. To ensure that there is no cheating, ask participants to take pictures of completed tasks. The first group to complete all the missions wins. Plan and organize events like Christmas by breaking them down into separate tasks with start and due dates.

2. Organize A Photo Booth

Photo booths are one of the most creative ways to make lasting memories with your colleagues this Christmas. So why not take the chance? For this, you could set up a photo booth with a winter-themed backdrop and ask people to be themselves.

You can also equip the area with Christmas-themed items to enhance the image quality. No one can beat the fun factor of standing around with your office buddies and clicking silly pictures.

3. Prepare Delicious Food

Baking delicious treats are one of the best office Christmas party ideas that can improve cohesion between different teams in the workplace. For this, you can hire a chef for a day to help your staff take their cooking skills to the next level.

Choose a menu that works for everyone and share it with competing teams. After hours of work in the kitchen, teams can sit together in the cafeteria, enjoy delicious meals, and have a nice bonding experience.

4. Presenting Attractive Prizes

The office Christmas party is the best time to say Thank you to all the teams that have created added value to help the organization grow. Why not use it to reward those who work hard to make the business successful?

Take this opportunity to offer a special gift to your employees. This could be a cash prize, a game or movie ticket, a free Christmas dinner voucher, a digital photo frame, a fully paid vacation, or a bottle of infused water.

Let this celebration be not just about games, food, and fun; but also about their importance to the organization.

5. Room Decoration

Decorate the desks of their assigned colleagues, You can create a schedule where the designated employee (whose office is decorated) must be absent from his workspace. Arrange for other colleagues to keep the decorator’s name secret. After decorating, the person has to guess who did the work.

6. Stimulating Everyone

You can organize Christmas-themed games, such as throwing darts at balloons and tossing rings. Offer rewards like giant candies, Santa toys, and reindeer to get everyone excited to win. Ask team members to build an Arctic-style amusement house or Christmas-themed village out of cardboard.

7. Indoor Snowball Match

Snowball game is one of the best activities on holiday. What if we told you you could snowball indoors? Buy an indoor snow polish kit made of a soft cloth. Divide employees into different teams. Now, give each player a certain number of snowballs, whistle, and watch the competitive side of your staff show up. Those who were beaten were disqualified. Defer the call when everyone runs out of snowballs and reset.

8. Christmas Tree Decoration Contest

The Christmas tree decoration contest is one of the most popular office Christmas party ideas in 2022, encouraging your team to develop inner productivity and team-building skills.

For this you will need;

A few mini Christmas trees

Divide employees into different groups

Give each team 20-30 minutes to prune the tree

Ask each team to explain the design they chose

Pick a winner

Have the teams bring decorations to decorate the design. The goal is to get the attention of the judges and peers.

Concluding Thoughts


Your company’s employees have attended dozens of office Christmas celebrations in the past. These office Christmas party ideas are sure to make your party fun, memorable and above all unforgettable for everyone. You may have to travel a few extra miles to plan the event, but it will certainly make employees feel valued and appreciated.