The best Entertaining TVs of 2022 use the latest technology to create brilliant images. From Samsung’s S95B and QD-OLED panels to LG’s premium G2 OLED with impressive brightness, these TVs continue to make great strides in clarity, color vibrancy, and brightness. Overall Movies, TV shows, and games have never looked better on these latest consoles. We’ve combined our firsthand experience with extensive research on brands and models to make our selections for the best Entertaining TVs.

Features of Top 12  Entertaining TVs

1. Samsung S95B

Best for: Enjoy movies and games in vivid and vibrant colors.

After spending the past few years developing Mini LED displays and refining its quantum dot technology, Samsung has finally turned its attention to OLED TVs and the results have been phenomenal. QD-OLED combines quantum dot technology with the deep blacks of OLED panels to deliver higher peak brightness and more vivid images than conventional OLED TVs.

2. Samsung QN900B 8K TV.

Best for: Watch the latest 8K content on YouTube and Vimeo.

Samsung’s latest 8K TVs use the company’s Neo QLED panel technology, which combines quantum dot LEDs with a giant array of Mini LEDs to deliver high brightness and local dimming. Additionally, this model features a high refresh rate of 120Hz for smooth sports viewing and fast, responsive gaming, and a powerful Game Mode reduces input lag. AMD FreeSync Premium Pro support makes lag-free gaming even easier.

3. LG Z2 Series 77-inch OLED PUA

Best for: Now experience the future of television on a giant screen in deep black.

OLED TVs are some of the best TVs you can buy right now, and 8K TVs give us a glimpse into the future of TVs. The combination of these two technologies gives us the LG Z2, the 8K OLED TV that represents a true next-generation device, with all the technologies and features that money can buy in 2022.

4. LG G2 OLED Evo Library Edition

Best for: Watch movies and TV with high contrast and high brightness.

The LG G2 OLED Evo Gallery Edition is the company’s latest flagship OLED TV, and for good reason. It upgrades the panel with the addition of a large internal heatsink to keep the TV cool and make it brighter without increasing the risk of fire.

  1. Samsung QN95B

Best for: Watch weekend sports in the afternoon. 

For sports fans, you want a TV that has both excellent motion handling and high brightness for watching afternoon games with the blinds open. QN95B uses Samsung’s Neo QLED panel, combining quantum dot LED with Mini LED technology. This makes for a great combination for watching sports regardless of ambient light levels. Plus, this TV’s fast response time minimizes ghosting during the action, so you can sit back and enjoy every game.

  1. Sony Bravia XR A95K 65 inches

Best for: So your movie is the best of them. 

Sony’s Bravia XR A95K uses a combination of OLED and quantum dots to deliver high-contrast images with greater color depth than even the best previous-generation OLED TVs can. It produces bright, vivid, and detailed images, and has deep blacks and low input lag like traditional OLED TVs.

7. LG C2 65 inch

Best for High-end 4K gaming TV without spending thousands of dollars.

The LG C2 OLED Evo is the successor to the C1, a relatively affordable OLED TV that has remained our top gaming pick for almost two years. Now that the price of the C2 has dropped so far, that’s an easy proposition. It has incredibly dark blacks and an almost limitless contrast ratio, making it a great TV for dark gaming.

8. Samsung QN90B

Best for Console games with lots of static elements active on the screen.

While OLED TVs may have the deepest blacks and best colors, mini LED Entertaining TVs lead the way in brightness. The Samsung QN90B uses a Neo QLED panel with extra small LEDs to achieve more than 2,000 nits of brightness on 10% of the screen in both SDR and HDR modes. This means you can play with full clarity when playing in a room with ambient light.

  1. Sony Bravia XR A90K

Best for: Small rooms need high-end TVs.

Most of the best TVs you can buy are 55 inches or larger, with only a few being smaller. Fortunately, Sony’s Bravia XR A90K is one such current model available in a smaller size. The 48-inch screen size makes the A90K the perfect TV for small spaces, including apartments and bedrooms. 

10. Sony X85K 43 inch

Best for: Add a premium TV to a tight space.

The smallest TVs are only 1080p, but you can get a pretty small screen with Sony’s X85K model. This 43-inch TV has a bright LED display and makes good use of Sony’s X1 processor to adjust and scale animations on the fly. Contrast, color, and more are all altered as you watch your favorite movies and TV shows, ensuring excellent picture quality every time.

11. TCL 6 series 2022 65 inches

Best for: The budget-conscious buyer is looking for a big TV.

TCL’s 2022 Series 6 Edition is one of the best TVs you can buy at the right price, and right now, you can also get it at an even more affordable price. With a combination of Quantum Dots and Mini LED backlighting, this TV comes out incredibly bright – over 800 nits according to some reviewer measurements – and colors are rich and vibrant, delivering a quality Impressive overall image. It doesn’t have the contrast or color depth of OLED, but it’s not millions of miles away and still shows plenty of fine detail in darker scenes. It’s also much brighter than most OLEDs.