In recent years, Atlanta has become the third most visited city in the United States, behind only Chicago and New York. And if we see what this whole city has to offer, it’s no surprise. Atlanta is a bustling urban jungle mixed with friendly suburbs filled with culture and history and vibrant, secluded hiking trails among the city’s busiest streets. . It’s a unique city unlike any other and it’s no surprise that more and more people visit it every year.

12 Hidden Gems And Quirks To do In Atlanta:

  1. Cascade Springs Nature Preserve Atlanta Off The Beaten Path

From this list of hidden gems in Atlanta off the beaten path, we have the Cascade Springs Nature Preserve. When I first visited this nature reserve, I couldn’t believe you could find a multi-tiered waterfall in the middle of southwest Atlanta!

  1. Eastern Palisades Trail

If you’re a nature lover and don’t like to hit the trails, you’ll definitely enjoy hiking along Atlanta’s most striking river; Chattahoochee River. The deserted East Palisades Trail is one of Atlanta’s best hikes and also has some of the best views in the city.

  1. Chattahoochee Diving Rock

Known locally as “the plunging rock,” this massive cliff overlooks the Chattahoochee River and is a favorite among young locals. The cliffs are surrounded by lush forests and trees making for a perfect getaway during hot summer days. If you’re going to dive from a cliff, be careful; about 20 feet in height and about 15 feet deep in water. 

  1. Doll Head Trail

A few miles from downtown, you’ll find this quaint road in Constitution Lakes Park that leads to a little-known urban nature reserve. This place is a paradise for nature lovers and you can also see a lot of birds around. If you want to reconnect with nature without leaving the city, this trail is a great choice.

  1. Clear Atlanta Lake

Lake Claire is Atlanta’s very own hippie hub founded by a group of enthusiasts in the early ’80s. The mission of this local community is to nurture and preserve the area’s green spaces while celebrating them. 

  1. Harris Trail and Whitewater Creek Road

This place is not only known by most tourists but even many locals are unaware of its existence. If you want to spend time outdoors and go to a place where there aren’t many people, there’s nothing better than this. 

  1. Cabbage Town

Hearing the name, you might think Cabbage town is a giant cabbage farm in the suburbs of Atlanta, but that’s not true. Cabbage town is truly one of Atlanta’s most vibrant historic neighborhoods. Here you can find some of Atlanta’s finest architectural gems and learn a lot about Atlanta’s growth and evolution over the years just by looking around.

  1. Chamblee Antique Area

Nestled in the Atlanta suburb of Chamblee, the Old Town is home to a wealth of authentic antiques and retail stores. Locals say this neighborhood has the largest collection of antiques in the Southeast and really, there’s something special about the small-town atmosphere you can feel in the historic quarter this. 

  1. Millennium Gate Museum

Although Atlanta’s Millennium Gate is located in the Atlantic Terminal area of ​​Midtown, for some reason it’s not one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. Fortunately, this means your visit will be less hectic and more enjoyable.

  1. Rhodes’ Room

Located on Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta, Rhodes Hall is another often-overlooked Atlanta landmark.

  1. Dekalb Farmers Market

You probably wouldn’t think a grocery mall would make the list of Atlanta’s best-hidden gems, but we just put Dekalb Farmers’ Market on this list. This market has a great selection of organic produce, fresh fish and meat, and an area dedicated to every country in the world. All of this makes this Farmers Market one of Atlanta’s hottest and least-known tourist attractions.

  1. Trash Guy’s Daughter

Finally, we wrap up our list of hidden gems in Atlanta off the beaten path with Junkman’s Daughter. This store was opened in 1982 by Pam Majors; The daughter of a scrap dealer is looking for retail space to sell items her parents have collected over the years. Under his leadership, this quirky shop became one of the most popular among students and local non-conformists.

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Have you ever been to Atlanta? Have you heard of some hidden gems in Atlanta? Which is your favorite? What is the first place you would visit if traveling to Atlanta? Let me know in the comments!