Working in marketing sounds appealing, but you know the reality won’t be like living in an episode of Mad Men. So, what is it really like to be a marketer, and what jobs are available for those who earn a degree in this business major?

A marketing degree may not make you a sales and advertising legend overnight, but it can open the door to important marketing jobs that you otherwise wouldn’t get. Keep reading to hear from marketers who have been in your position to get all the facts about what it’s like to be a marketer.

Jobs For Marketing Majors

  • Marketing Manager

  • Marketing Specialist

  • Account manager

  • Sales representative

  • Digital marketing specialist

  • Product marketing manager

  • Marketing analyst

  • Communications manager

Marketing Major Salaries And Job Outlook

Market research analysts earned a median annual salary of $63,920 in 2021, and employment for this profession is projected to grow 22% from 2020 to 2030, according to the Bureau of Statistics. Labor (BLS).

This is much faster than 8%. forecast average growth for all occupations and could create up to 163,300 new jobs nationwide.

According to the BLS, advertising, promotion, and marketing managers are responsible for leading the marketing team, a role that brings them an average salary of $133,380 in 2021.

Job growth rate and their employment is also well above the national average, with BLS predicting 10% growth. employment growth from 2020 to 2030.

BLS attributes the growth of these marketing positions to the changing digital marketing landscape.

Many organizations hire team members to handle the jobs. Specific aspects of digital marketing, such as social networking and search engine optimization (SEO). 

Market research analysts are especially needed to help analyze and organize the data that companies continue to collect through online channels.

What Can You Expect From Major Course Marketing?

Before you can get a job, you need to learn valuable skills by completing a degree program. You’re probably wondering what courses marketing expert can take, and how those courses prepare them to start their careers.

Marketing expert take courses that provide them with a strong foundation in marketing strategy, buyer psychology, and the business world at large.

Having this type of education under their belt puts marketing professionals in a good position to bring their skills to any type of business and keep up with changes in marketing technology. 

Andrew DeBell, digital marketing consultant and co-founder of Water Bear Learning, said: “College-level courses are great for giving students the opportunity to think about a strategy and plan. 

These are just an example of the courses students take in the Rasmussen University Bachelor of Marketing program:

  • Consumer behavior

  • Enterprise project management

  • Fundamentals of digital marketing

  • Marketing communications

  • Marketing Law and Ethics

  • Advanced Marketing Strategies

Essential Skills And Qualities Of A Marketing Major

Anything about marketing expert sounds appealing so far, but you’re still not sure if you’re a good fit for this career path. You need to make sure you have the skills and qualities you need to succeed as a marketer.

Experts agree that the best marketers can see the world analytically and creatively. Pay attention to the data, but also realize that their audience includes people who love creativity and art. 

With students who can balance these two mindsets, they are bound to have a prosperous future in marketing,” says DeBell.

Marketing takes innovative ideas and applies them to the business world, so students with natural preferences for business and consumer buying habits can be a perfect fit for a continuing degree program. 

We analyzed the skills that organizations are really looking for in their employees. Find out what our analysis of over 253,000 marketing jobs reveals about marketing skills that are in demand today.

Transfer Skills

  • Contact

  • Creation

  • Cooperation

  • Microsoft Office

  • Write

  • Organ

  • Planning

  • to research

Technology Skills

  • The sale

  • set a budget

  • social media

  • Project management

  • customer service

  • business development

  • digital marketing

  • Market strategy

Can You Be Part Of The Next Wave Of Marketing Majors?

Now you know the details of the marketing major, from the courses you’ll take to the skills you’ll learn. If you’re aiming for a big marketing job, you might be wondering if a degree is really needed to get you in the door.